Active protection:

  1. Fire detection and signalization systems:
    - fire signalization systems;
    - measurement of the tightness of the isotope smoke detection sensors;
    - installation, service and maintenance of systems.

  2. Smoke and fire gases removal systems:
    - smoke removal flaps and windows;
    - smoke removal ventilators;
    - electric control of the smoke removal systems;
    - assembling, service and maintenance of the systems.

  3. Hydrant nets:
    - internal and external installations;
    - overhauls and conservation works;
    - measurement of the hydrant efficiency.

  4. Permanent extinguish equipment:
    - water spouting and water sprinkling systems;
    - indifferent gases systems;
    - CO2 systems;
    - installation, service, conservation of the systems.

  5. Toxic gases and explosive gases measurement and detection systems:
    - gas detection sensors;
    - self closing valves for gas installations.

  6. Evacuation lighting:
    - emergency and evacuation lighting systems;
    - individual light setting of emergency lights.

  7. Other systems:
    - anti burglary systems;
    - access and work time systems;
    - industrial TV;
    - band lightening and roof windows.