Services related to handy fire extinguish equipment.

 1. Objects providing with handy extinguish equipment:
     - powder and snow extinguishers;
     - extinguish aggregates;
     - hydrant boxes with supporting equipment;
     - blanket extinguisher etc.
2. Conservation of  he handy extinguish  equipment  including
     - overhauls of the equipment (service KZWM Siemianowice
       Śląskie, GZWM Grodków, PROGAZ Łódź);
     - powder or foam creating chemicals exchange;
     - spare parts service.
3. Pressure  and  efficiency measurement of  the  internal and
    external   hydrants   and   extinguish  piping  (that’s  is  the
    requirement defined in the State Low Register).
4. Evacuation roads and rooms marking accordingly to the low.
5. Sales  of  the  evacuation  marks,  fire  marks,  information
    tables etc.