Investment execution and preparation for State Fire Brigade inspection.

1. Cooperation with the local division of the State Fire Brigade.
2. Preparation of technical documentation needed for inspection.
3. All necessary changes are consulted and approved by State Fire Brigade.
4. The executive drawings that are made on the basis of the executive documentation are
    also consulted and approved by Fire State Brigade.
5. Opinion preparation that is needed to confirm that selected material which influences fire
    protection  security  may  be  used in  the  specified
6. We take part in all  kind of inspections (fragmentary
    and terminal).
7. We  are  checking  if  the technical documentation is
8. All the time we are ready to help Investor in case of
    works that are related with fire protection.

        In any case the Client’s satisfaction is our priority
        that why we are flexible and ready to find the right solution in accordance with Client’s